Our Team

Nuno Neves and Susana Vilela

Our story

By the end of 2004, we began our search in Lisbon, Portugal, for old printery houses. The idea was to create a notebook printed in letterpress, with moveable type, like Gutenberg did.

Many traditional printeries had allready closed their doors, but we found one that helped us.
Deep inside old drawers and cases (some of them allready half eatened by the woodworm), we found old lead and type ornaments, used decades ago to print invoices and business cards.

On the first days of 2005 the first serrote notebook was born: a plain notebook, with a cover printed in two colors in letterpress and a blue paper on the inside.

On the following years we expanded the notebook collection as we accepted comissioned work like cards, invitations and other notebooks.

In May 2008, we published the first serrote's book: an illustrated book entirely drawn with pixel.